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WERCouncil Officer Resources

On behalf of WERC, we would like to thank you for volunteering your time to our organization. You have demonstrated what it means to be a volunteer and a leader; and we respect the focus you have placed on process and planning. We look forward to your continued support of WERC. 

This page and its contents is an important resource for WERCouncil leaders to effectively manage their chapters successfully. The contents of these pages have been established to give you a place to find answers to your questions and to support your efforts in developing your local chapter through education, networking, and membership growth.

While much of these pages contains general information that you can use to build leadership structures that fit the needs of your WERCouncils there are specific components that discuss WERC requirements and these are specifically noted.

Thank you for visiting the WERCouncil resource page!

WERC and WERCouncils

WERC Name and Logo

Territory and Boundaries

Mission of WERCouncils

Policies Regarding WERCouncils

National Office Assistance


Volunteer Roles and Duties

WERCouncil Volunteer Selection


Keys to Being an Effective WERCouncil

WERCouncil Leader Reporting Form (to be completed each year)

WERCouncil Leader Replacement Form

WERCouncil Memorandum of Understanding (to be completed each year)

Planning Tools

WERCouncil Leaders 2017-2018 Important Dates

Planning Calendars

Circle of Acclaim Point System

Event Definitions by Type

Educational Event Guidelines

Tour Planning Guidelines

Day of the Event Guidelines

WERCouncil Administrative Costs to National for Events

WERCouncil Event Budget Template (contact

Speaker Resources

Event Announcement Form (to be completed for each event)

Event Summary Form (to be completed after each event)


WERC Membership Application (fillable form)

10 Reasons to Join WERC flyer

WERC Membership PowerPoint

WERCouncil Blank PowerPoint Template

Chapter Funds Reimbursement

Check Reimbursement Policy

Check Request/Reimbursement Form

Other Forms and Policies

Call for Volunteer Form

Onsite Event Registration Form(for wercouncils only)

Chapter List Policy - National will provide the Chair (upon request) a list of members in your geographic territory. This list will inlcude name, title and company only. This list will not include any non-members in our database or members who have opted out of receiving WERCouncil information. 

Email Policy - email addresses cannot be distributed for privacy reasons, however, if the chapter would like to send a mass email to contacts in their area, National can do so on their behalf. 

Questions? Please contact the Chapter Coordinator at 630.990.0001 or