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Some call them chapters – Some call them roundtables. We call them WERCouncils. 

WERCouncils provide members with an opportunity to improve the quality of their membership through engagement at the local level. With over 20 chapters in the United States and Canada, there are several ways that WERC members can get involved.

The first WERCouncil was established in 1981 by WERC members who wanted to offer educational and peer networking opportunities - similar to the experiences found at the WERC Annual Conference - but more frequently, and on a local level. More than 35-years later, the same goal remains. 

WERCouncils work in conjunction with WERC national to provide outstanding networking and educational opportunities through chapter meetings, networking events and community outreach. They share and support the same mission of WERC which is to exist to lead the warehousing industry, advance warehousing science and develop a competitive advantage for both individuals and corporations.

Through WERCouncils members can become actively engaged. WERCouncil membership is open to all members of WERC.

For more information about WERCouncils, please contact the Chapter Coordinator at 630.990.0001 or