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DC Measures 2016

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DC Measures 2016
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DC Measures 2016

The complete report is where you begin by understanding the metrics your operations wants to focus on and comparing how your facility ranks compared to others. Are you tracking the metrics that will produce the best return for your company?

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The full study report captures 50 key operational metrics that are close to the heart of distribution center professionals. The measures have been grouped into five balanced sets – customer, operational, financial, capacity/quality and employee/safety – plus the additional sets related to perfect order and cash-to-cash cycle measurement. It also contains a list of definitions for each metric in the study AND how to calculate each. Used from year-to-year and across your network, these details provide a consistent approach to reporting performance.

Customer Metrics
· On Time Shipments
· Total Order Cycle Time
· Internal Order Cycle Time
· Perfect Order Completion Index
· Lost Sales (Percent of SKUs Stocked Out)
· Backorders as a Percent of Total Orders
· Backorders as a Percent of Total Lines
· Backorders as a Percent of Total Dollars/Units

Operations Metrics - Inbound Metrics
· Dock to Stock Cycle Time, in Hours
· Suppliers Orders Received per Hour
· Lines Received and Put Away per Hour
· Percent of Supplier Orders Received with Correct Documents
· Percent of Supplier Orders Received Damage Free
· On Time Receipts from Supplier

Operations Metrics - Outbound Metrics
· Fill Rate - Line
· Order Fill Rate
· Lines Picked and Shipped per Hour
· Orders Picked and Shipped per Hour
· Cases Picked and Shipped per Hour
· Pallets Picked and Shipped per Hour
· On Time Ready to Ship

Financial Metrics
· Distribution Costs as a Percent of Sales
· Distribution Costs as a Percentage of COGS
· Distribution Costs per Unit Shipped
· Days on Hand Finished Goods Inventory
· Inventory Shrinkage as a Percent of Total Inventory
Capacity / Quality Metrics
· Average Warehouse Capacity Used
· Peak Warehouse Capacity Used
· Honeycomb Percent
· Inventory Count Accuracy by Location
· Order Picking Accuracy (Percent by Order)
· Material Handling Damage
· Equipment/Forklifts Capacity Used

Employee Metrics
· Annual Workforce Turnover
· Productive Hours to Total Hours
· OSHA Day Count Rate
· OSHA Recordable Rate (TRIR)
· OSHA Days Away from Work Cases Rate (DAWC)
· Overtime Hours to Total Hours
· Part time Workforce to Total Workforce
· Contract Employees to Total Workforce
· Unplanned Absense  Percentage
· Cross Trained Percentage

Perfect Order Metrics
· Percent of Orders with On-time Delivery
· Percent of Orders Shipped Complete
· Percent of Orders Shipped Damaged Free (Outbound)
· Percent of Orders Sent with Correct Documentation

Cash to Cash Metrics
· Inventory Days of Supply
· Average Days Payable
· Average Days of Sales Outstanding

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