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What started as an opportunity for women in supply chain to come together and share their challenges and opportunities in a peer-to-peer session at the 2014 WERC Annual Conference has evolved into a WERC program and dedicated Conference topic track. 

Although titled "Women @ WERC," the information is not intended to be gender-specific. Rather, men are not only welcome but also critical to the process of ensuring that diversity and inclusion are prioritized in today’s supply chains. 

As a male-dominated profession, warehousing and logistics need the talents of both men and women to ensure the creation of an inclusive environment. To meet this goal, the Women @ WERC program offers a variety of resources, including videos, webinars and other information to help: 

  • Women as they seek career opportunities and growth within the industry.

  • Companies better understand the issues females face within the supply chain field—as well as what they bring to the profession—as they work to recruit and retain women.