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Steven R. Murray
Chief Auditor, WERC


Steve's singular focus is on understanding and implementation of warehousing, end-to-end supply chain processes and technology that best aligns a facility's day-to-day work to corporate strategy.

In addition to completing more than 60 different facility audits since the inception of the WERC Warehouse Assessment and Certification Program in 2010, Steve brings a background of extensive experience in architecting, implementing and managing business processes and teams. He's run projects focused on warehousing process improvement, supplier/customer relationship management, and data integration.

Further, he has participated in numerous warehouse process improvement projects, as well as developed and delivered training materials for employees and supply chain partners on business and technology concepts and processes.

Steve served as principal researcher and developer of the first edition of CSCMP's Supply Chain Processes and Best Practices Guide and as co-author of WERC's Warehousing & Fulfillment Process Benchmark & Best Practices Guide and WERC's Warehouse Manager's Guide for Benchmarking.

He is also a long-standing member of WERC, CSCMP and APICS.