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Supply Chain Digital breaks down the Top 10 supply chain blogs that you shouldykeep your eye on
1 Nov 2011 Kevin Scarpati
Before you read this, check out this story in November's issue of Supply Chain Digital. Trust us, it's way cooler!
It’s not updated as regularly as we’d like, but @ Supply Chain Management’s blog is a very good place to get expert analysis from the global supply chain. Run by Chris Jacob, a senior consultant for IBM, @ Supply Chain Management focuses on broad, supply chain-related topics.
Another supply chain blog that’s not updated daily, Green Supply Chain Network comes through on all matters concerning the sustainable supply chain. That’s important, because more and more companies are seeing the need to go green. The blog even has specific pages for alternative fuels, green building practices and carbon tax issues.
If outsourcing is your game, look no further. The Outsource Blog updates hourly, with stories on everything you’d ever want to know about the industry. The layout of the blog is a bit dull, but that’s not where The Outsource Blog makes its name. In August of this year alone, the site posted 386 stories.
Jeff Ashcroft’s brainchild, launched its blog in 2007, and the site is a very good place to start if you’re looking to research a particular topic. With a plethora of categories listed along the sides of the site, if it exists in the realm of supply chain, chances are has written about it.
With a clean, modern design, Logistics/Supply Chain offers a good balance of supply chain news and analysis. The site is updated daily, which helps when you’re looking for a quick read on breaking supply chain news. Author Martin Murray, a supply chain enterprise resource planning specialist, is a regular contributor.
Run by Bob Ferrari, the Managing Director of Ferrari Research and Consulting, Supply Chain Matters tackles supply and value chain management. This blog provides expert analysis on supply chain matters, which is an excellent resource for those new to the supply chain field.
Though technically not a blog, Supply Chain Management Review is too valuable of a resource to leave off this list. The site offers daily news stories, and also produces white papers and webcasts on all things supply chain. Though a smaller part of its overall operation, Supply Chain Management Review publishes a weekly blog.
Arguably the best pure "blog" on this list, The 21st Century Supply Chain Blog covers exactly what you’d expect it to. With analysis on supply chain matters from several different authors, this blog offers a unique blend of supply chain analysis, covering all sides of a topic.
With both a digital and print magazine, Supply Chain Brain has a bevy of resources available at its disposal to cover a variety of supply chain topics. The site has its own blog, and sends out monthly newsletters that cover specific supply chain topics such as Supply Chain IT and Supply Chain Visibility.
What did you expect? With a network of blogs, a website that updates with news stories daily and a monthly digital magazine dedicated to covering in the supply chain world, Supply Chain Digital has all the bases covered. Each month, four unique blogs are published, covering topics such as long-term supply chain focuses and new logistics technology. The magazine and website also feature reports from supply chain companies stationed all over the globe, giving readers an inside look at how logistics, outsourcing, warehousing and procurement officials run their business. The website’s sleek design caters to visual people, as images jump off the page. The site also has a cool video section that updates regularly with video content, adding to the page’s visual flair. For supply chain executives and those just interested in learning more about the industry, Supply Chain Digital is a one-stop shop!