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Learning by watching is a time-proven technique, so here are videos to see the good, the bad and the ugly in warehouse operations. Includes equipment demonstrations, handling procedures, layout schematics and "don't EVER try this."

Vendors/suppliers are encouraged to submit demo videos. Please contact Member Services (email) or call 630-990-0001 regarding submitting videos to WERC.
Videos currently available for viewing:

WERC had the privilege of having Randy Lewis on our main stage at Conference 2008. Telling his story of putting the "able" into "disabled" inspired and moved our audience and was a powerful message about the heart of our industry and how small changes can lead to BIG results.

in this video Randy updates us on the Walgreens initiative to hire people with disabilities. "We’d be glad to share what we’ve learned from the human resources side with anybody. A lot of people have taught us a lot of things, and we’ll be glad to share what we learned. I’m very interested in talking to my peers at the WERC Conference who want to do something like this. It’s not as hard as they think, and it makes a big difference. "
J. Randolph Lewis, Senior VP, Distribution & Logistics - Walgreens Company


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