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WERC would like to recognize the following members...

... Andrea Velasquez, Vice President, Business Development, Epstein

What’s your current job?

For over 25 years I've held the position of Vice President of Business Development for Epstein, an architecture, engineering, and construction firm headquartered in Chicago.  My firm has a long history designing and building industrial facilities including warehouses and manufacturing plants.  I have been fortunate to have been involved in some amazing projects including Testa Produce here in Chicago, the first LEED-NC Platinum refrigerated DC in the country. 

How long have you been a member of WERC?

I joined WERC over 20 years ago and attended my first WERC Conference soon after joining.  I was so impressed with the organization and the people I met that I became involved with our local WERCouncil and have served on the local board ever since. I also served on the national board for several years which was an immense honor for me. 

What’s your best experience thus far?

It's hard to signe out any one experience.  I have met many wonderful people through my association with WERC who have enriched my professional development, and some have become long-time friends. 

What’s your favorite moment of your career so far?

Once again, it's hard to pick just one moment.  I still feel pride whenever I help my company win a new project and experience a great deal of satisfaction when we help our clients achieve their objectives.  

Guilty Pleasure: What can you not live without?

I refuse to feel guilty about my passion for golf!

Outside of work, what do you do that most people in WERC probably wouldn’t know about?

In January of next year I plan on retiring and moving to the Nashville area where my family resides.  I look forward to having more time to enjoy my grandkids, indulge my love of travelling, work on my golf fame and give back to the communi

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... to the following WERC members for the month of December

Celebrating 20+ Years...

Barry Brandman President Danbee Investigations
Joe Mazel Principal Mazel Associates
Rob Walther Director of Sales Schneider Port Logistics

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Welcome to our November New & Returning Members
Darren Arnott Head of Product Distribution Arnott Inc
Frank Buzzutto Warehouse Manager R.C. Bigelow, Inc
Kimberly Carroll Vice President, Global Marketing Apex Supply Chain Technologies
Greg Cornette Transportation Manager Schwabe North America
Robin Doran Vice President Operations Robin Doran/Select
Matt Durham Plant Leader GE Aviation
Kelsey Hansen Corporate Process & Audit Analyst Nexus Distribution Corp.
Wendy Higgins Career Coordinator CSU Maritime Academy
Gavin Horlick Vice President Voxx Products
Justin Kinney Manager  
Jeffrey Konecky Sr. Manager Volkswagen
Josh Lankford Value Engineer  
Phil Parks Chief Operating Officer Treasure Coast Food Bank
Katie Pogue Vice President Jensen-Souders Associates Inc
Brad Porschen HR Director Worldpac
Bob Sutphen CEO LD Systems, LC
Kevin Thompson Partner/Vice President Conveyor Solutions West, Inc.

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Recognizing WERC Members - December 2015