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As the only professional organization focused on logistics management and its role in the supply chain, WERC delivers access to the industry's best practices. It also serves as a gateway to establishing, growing and strengthening valuable professional relationships with your peers and your customers. 

Is WERC membership right for you?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of the following questions, then WERC is definitely for you:
  • Are you involved in supply chain, warehousing, logistics, distribution transportation or related functions?
  • Are you a manager or supervisor in a DC, crossdock, mixing center or warehouse?
  • Are you asked to track metrics and explain them to C-level managers?
  • Do you need to keep up with the latest logistics trends?
  • Are you expected to know AND implement best practices?
  • Do you know what WMS, TMS, LMS, ERP, WCS, and YMS mean?

WERC Membership Options

There are two primary types of annual WERC memberships, with benefits, access and discounts customized to match the unique needs of different groups: Individual and Corporate.

WERC Individual Membership Options

There are five different types of WERC Individual Membership to meet the needs of both current and future logistics professionals and their educators and mentors. Whether you currently lead, direct and manage the efficient flow of information, materials and finishing goods throughout the supply chain, or hope to do so in a future career, or are training the supply chain leaders of the future, there's a WERC Individual Membership for you:
  • Professional Member: $275
  • Mentoring Membership: Mentor: $275 / Protege: $150
  • Educator Member: $80
  • Student Member: $40
Learn More About WERC Individual Memberships


Prefer to submit your application the old fashioned way? Download a printed application here, complete it, then scan and email it to or fax it to 630.990.0256. 

WERC Corporate Membership Options

Organizations who invest in an annual WERC Corporate Membership are those who understand the importance of investing in the ongoing professional development of their people. In addition to benefiting from WERC's educational activities and events, Corporate Members gain expanded access to the WERC network of resources and connections, as well as significant discounts on annual Individual Memberships, conference registrations and more. There are two types of WERC Corporate Memberships - Practitioner (Shipper) and Supplier - each tailored to meet the unique needs of these different groups.
  • Practitioner Level - Gold: $12,500
  • Practitioner Level - Silver: $6,000
  • Practitioner Level - Bronze: $3,500
Learn More About WERC Practitioner Level Memberships


  • Supplier Level - Gold: $15,000
  • Supplier Level - Silver: $7,500
Learn More About Supplier Level Memberships


Have questions about enrolling in either a WERC Individual or Corporate Membership? 

Email or call 630.990.0001.