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What are the benefits of a WERC membership? 

WERC’s mission is to lead and advance the logistics and warehousing industry, and to help individuals and companies sharpen their competitive edge.
Member benefits are focused on networking, information and education.
  • Expand your network with exclusive members-only access to WERC’s nationwide member directory
  • Build connections with colleagues close to home with regional WERCouncils at local facility tours, workshops, strategy sessions and volunteer opportunities
  • Search for new opportunities or new talent in our Career Center 
  • Explore new ideas or delve into important topics with webinars that deliver high quality presentations on the latest supply chain developments
    Receive a free subscription to the
    WERCSheet newsletter, packed with timely articles on key warehousing topics, interviews with supply chain professionals and more
  • Enjoy member discounts on the latest research, metrics reports and best practices guides packed with benchmarking data, and expert techniques to improve your operations 
Have questions about enrolling in either a WERC Individual or Corporate Membership? 

 Email or call 630.990.0001