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WERC thanks its past presidents...

2017-2018    Tony Ward, Managing Director - Retail, Accenture Strategy
2016-2017    Tom Nightingale, CEO, International Package Shipping, LLC
2015-2016    Shiela Benny, EVP, Optricity Corporation
2014-2015    Paul Avampato, VP Customer Service & Logistics, North America
2013-2014    Michael Wohlwend, VP, SAP Americas, Inc.
2012-2013    Gregory Javor, Sr.VP, Supply Chain Operations, Global Logistics, Starbucks Coffee Company
2011-2012    Lawrence Dean Shemesh, President & CEO, OPSdesign Consulting
2010-2011    Catherine Cooper, EVP and CIO, OHL
2009-2010    Timothy S. Feemster, Senior VP, Grubb & Ellis Company
2008-2009    Mark Cleveland, Business Service Mgmt Governance Leader, Technology Solutions Organization, Allstate Insurance Company
2007-2008    Kenneth D. Miesemer, Senior Consultant, St. Onge Company
2006-2007    Paul J. Marshall, VP, distribution operations, Limited Logistics Services
2005-2006    Leslie Ajlouny, VP, business development, Evans Distribution Systems
2004-2005    Susan M. Rider, President, Rider & Associates
2003-2004    William T. Gates, CEO, UTi Integrated Logistics
2002-2003    James L. Allen, President, Midwest Distribution Center
2001-2002    Annette Hartmann, VP logistics, The Swatch Group (US) Inc.
2000-2001    Robert B. Silverman, President, Gross & Associates
1999-2000    William A. Miller, Director of Business Development, Faure Brothers Corporation
1998-1999    Rick D. Blasgen
1997-1998    Margie Costa
1996-1997    Robert E. Murray, President, REM Associates
1995-1996    Kenneth J. Battista, Senior VP, Customer Development, Exel
1994-1995    Russell A. Gilmore, III, President, ChemCore, Inc.
1993-1994    Thomas D. Korey, Director, Logistics, Health Imaging Div., Eastman Kodak Company
1992-1993    William R. Foltz, Director of Logistics, Foster Farms
1991-1992    Val Dodd, The Valentine Group
1990-1991    James L. Mazurek, Cell Leader, Clairol, Inc.
1989-1990    Leslie Hansen Harps, Writer, Harps Communications
1988-1989    William G. Sheehan, President, The Griffin Group
1987-1988    Donald R. Patterson, Chairman, Metro Park Warehouses, Inc.
1986-1987    Clifford K. Otto, Executive Vice President, Saddle Creek Corporation
1985-1986    Thomas W. Speh, Ph.D., Associate Dean, MBA Programs, Miami University
1984-1985    Howard P. Weisz, President, H.W. Associates
1983-1984    Paul M. Solomon, VP, Sales & Marketing, GATX Logistics
1982-1983    John W. Snakard
1981-1982    William Gardner
1980-1981    James F. Robeson, Ph.D., President and CEO, Robards, Inc.
1977-1980    Bruce R. Abels, President, Saddle Creek Corporation