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About the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC)

WERC is the only professional organization focused on logistics management and its role in the supply chain. Through membership in WERC, seasoned practitioners and those new to the industry master best practices and establish valuable professional relationships.

Since being founded in 1977, WERC has maintained a
strategic vision to continuously offer resources that help distribution practitioners and suppliers stay on top in our dynamic, variable field. These include national, regional, local and online educational events; performance metrics for benchmarking; practical research; expert insights; and multiple opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

Memberships come in two primary types - Individual and Corporate - and in a variety of types and levels to best accommodate the varying needs of the practitioners and suppliers we serve.

Annual Conference Membership Events & Webinars
DC Measures Assessment & Certification Research & Best Practices
Careers/Job Board VETS to WERC Logistics Vendor Locator

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