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2016 Warehousing Salaries and Wages Report
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DC Measures 2016
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Visual Metrics: The Executive Insight Into the Competitive Landscape
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Aligning Warehouse Performance to Company Strategy
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Aligning Benchmarking & Metrics in 2017: Learn How Minding Your Qs and Ps Will Improve Your Operations

Join us on Thursday, January 26, 2017 for a free WERC Webinar (30-minute Program). Having conducted WERC's annual DC Measures Study of key warehousing and distribution performance metrics for the past 13 years, our research team continues to see a pronounced gap between "Best-in-Class" and "Major Opportunity" facilities. 

To close that gap, warehouse managers must understand BOTH their Qs and Ps. That is, how qualitative and quantitative metrics relate to process and performance improvement. 

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn how Best-in-Class facilities achieve quality and continuously improve upon it by moving beyond numbers and focusing on their processes. You'll take away a four-step process (plan, measure, compare and act) - featured in the 2017 Supply Chain Brain Analyst Report - you can apply to improve your operations today.

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Congratulations to Richard Murphy, Jr., CEO of Murphy Warehouse Co. for being added to the inaugural list of Most Admired CEOs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal. 

A long-time WERC supporter and selfless member, Richard Murphy was recently named a Most Adminired CEO 2016 by the Minnesota Business Journal.  We share their admiration and add our congratulations.

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2016 DC Measures
DC Measures 2016

Consider customer, operational, financial, capacity/quality and employee metrics you as you benchmark your operations against the 2016 measures reported by WERC members and DC Velocity readers. 

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