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CAN YOU HELP? Hurricane Harvey & Irma Needs: Requests for transportation and warehouse space are being received everyday. ALAN is posting the needs on the ALAN Needs Map. Please contact ALAN if you can assist. 

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 August 24, 2017 - Hurricane Harvey

ALAN is preparing for Hurricane Harvey, which is expected to make landfall as a major hurricane along the gulf coast. Harvey is anticipated to produce significant rainfall of greater than 30" in places, with life-threatening and devastating "record flooding" expected. Monitor the National Hurricane Center and your local National Weather Service forecast for the latest details. 

Information resources including emergency declarations, road and facility closures, and more is included below. If you need assistance or information on any of these items, please contact us and we will work with our emergency management partners to get you an answer. 

Additionally, information on supply chain disruptions is critical to emergency management decision-making processes. If your facilities will be closed and will disrupt the flow of critical commodities – food, pharma, hydration, etc., please contact us to discuss how that information can be securely communicated. 

We have been in contact with emergency management and non-profit partners regarding their response. At this time we have NO open logistics support requests; however; we anticipate there will be additional not yet identified needs for warehouse space, transportation, and material handling equipment. These requests may take several days to a week to surface as damage assessments are completed and local resources are exhausted. As requests are received they will be shared via this forum and on our logistics map: If you’d like to offer your services in advance – please call me at 863-668-4238. 

We continue to monitor this event and will host a coordination call should there be a need to do so. If you’d like more information on how you can assist with our response activities, please contact me. 

Please help us share important messaging about this storm. Follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook, Join our LinkedIn Group. 

Thank you for your continued support of ALAN and all those we serve!

Newer WERC member accepts Chicagoland WERCouncil leadership role

Dan Beard, Director of Distribution for Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, joined WERC in 2015 as a way to make more connections within the industry. His desire for expanded connections and more industry-specific knowledge led Beard to his first WERC Conference in 2016. He was so impressed by the experience he joined the Chicagoland WERCouncil board as a Director at Large upon his return, and has recently been appointed President of the group. 

"The great thing about WERC is that it allows me to connect with professionals throughout our industry and learn from them, while at the same time lending my voice to help shape the future of distribution and logistics," Beard continues. "I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future of our organization and our industry!"

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Bill Miller: WERC relationships pave career path

A member since 1985, William (Bill) Miller is an authority on the impact the WERC network can have on a career. That’s because each of his three job moves resulted from a professional connection he made through WERC. An enthusiastic volunteer, he’s served as president of the Chicagoland WERCouncil, as a six-year member of the WERC Board of Directors, and as a Conference speaker and P2P moderator.

"I’ve had a very interesting and rewarding career, and WERC played a key part in that," he says. "The ability to network with and meet industry people at all levels has been the biggest benefit. I encourage anyone who’s thinking of joining to truly get involved with it—be active at the local and national level. The involvement is what brings real value."

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2017 WERC DC MeasuresWERC's 2017 DC Measure Study
The full study report captures 30 key operational metrics that are close to the heart of distribution center professionals. The measures have been grouped into five balanced sets – customer, operational, financial, capacity/quality and employee - plus the additional related cash-to-cash cycle measurement. Click Here to order and download today. 

The 2017 DC Measure Study is sponsored by: 
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