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Online Learning is perfect for warehouse training because it allows you to take a course in your home or office and at times that are convenient for you.

If you're looking for a quick, convenient, inexpensive way to get basic skills, consider online learning courses:

  • Basics of Business Math. 6 sessions cover mathematical calculations commonly used in business: Fractions, Decimals, Calculator, Equations, Percentages and Reports.
  • Effective Business Communication. 7 sections that teach business writing skills.
  • Management Skills Introduction. 7 sections present core management skills like motivating, planning, communicating, getting input, and dealing with challenging people and times. 
  • Technology Transfer Services. training in processes, procedures and equipment.
  • Learn more about Reverse Logistics, Inventory Management, Purchasing and Procurement.
  • And much more...

Choose a warehouse or business-related topic, find the course, enroll and start learning. Enhance your warehouse career!

How to Sign Up

Use the links to the left to find the courses or rapid learning sessions available.

Add the course and/or session to your cart and checkout. You will receive an email confirmation email from WERC once payment is processed. At the bottom of the confirmation email is the link and instructions for logging into your course and/or session. It's that simple!