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The industry's first and only
best-practice assessment & certification program

The WERC Warehouse Assessment and Certification Program is a voluntary program that assesses an individual warehouse facility’s capabilities and its ability to perform core warehousing functions.

Providing a robust industry standard-grading methodology which includes facility inspections and process assessments by independent third parties, our certified auditors benchmark and grade warehouse operations against a 5-point scale.

Benefits for... 

Facility Operators: Shippers: 3rd Party Providers:
  • Creates an unbiased, professional review of warehousing practices compared to industry standards
  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Creates Tools to benchmark against internal and external facilities
  • Assesses warehouse process criteria for outsource partners
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement with 3PL's
  • Allows sourcing and procurement professionals to enforce a standard process and aptitude levels with their 3PL's
  • Creates assurance for Facility Operators
  • Allows facility to claim "WERC Certified Warehouse"
  • Enhances brand visability within industry

As the recognized leader in education and research for the warehouse and logistics management field and its role in the supply chain, WERC focuses on advancing the art and science of warehousing/distribution and driving the warehouse profession to new levels.
In this role, WERC is committed to spreading the word about the hard work and dedicated people who keep the distribution system running smoothly, efficiently and economically. The development and delivery of a set of standards and tools for grading warehouse operations is a part of this effort to continue to support our members and the industry.

Contact our program representative for additional program information and case studies.

Chad Pilbeam at or 630.320.5815