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Strategic Framework
The following long-range Strategic Framework for the Warehousing Education and Research Council was established by the WERC Board of Directors in January 2007.
The organization’s role is defined in the Mission Statement. The Core Values and Vision Statement identify the overarching principles that motivate and guide the association’s actions. The Core Objectives spell out achievements and competencies the organization strives to attain in four key areas: Industry Leadership, Industry Development, Professional Development and Association Development; and the strategies that will be employed to realize them.
M i s s i o n  S t a t e m e n t
To provide leadership in the warehousing/distribution field in its evolving role in the supply chain, to advance the art and science of warehousing management, and to enhance individual development.
C o r e V a l u e s
The heart of our organization is a robust networking community so WERC consistently provides a welcoming, friendly, sharing, professional environment.
We are at the forefront of industry research and trends to deliver high quality education and practical tools to warehousing and distribution professionals. We seek opportunities to champion innovation and take intelligent risks. We are committed to continuous improvement.
We are known for integrity, honesty and equity. We keep our word in agreements and treat others with personal and professional consideration. Board, staff and volunteers work together for the good of the WERC community through the practice of open communication.
We believe the warehousing and distribution industry is the cornerstone of the supply chain and work diligently to provide our members with the practical tools they need to succeed. WERC delivers on its commitment to support give-back opportunities to the community.
M e m b e r s
WERC members are logistics, distribution and warehousing professionals who lead, direct, manage and support the efficient flow of information, materials and finished goods throughout the supply chain.
Vi s i o n S t a t e m e n t
To create a high quality and valued experience for people using WERC products or services. To support the professional development of our members and the logistics community at large by providing quality learning experiences, networking opportunities and easy access to industry information.

C o r e O b j e c t i v e s
Industry Leadership:
To be the recognized leader in education and research for the field of warehouse and distribution management and its role in the supply chain.
> Monitor and report on legislation, regulations and global events that impact warehouse and distribution operations.
> Promote and maintain WERC’s positive image and visibility in the industry.
> Expand the scope of the organization and increase member value through collaboration with individuals, institutions and organizations.
> Support and develop the WERCouncil program.
> Be a good corporate citizen by supporting selective charitable activities and facilitating opportunities for our stakeholders to give back to their communities.
Industry Development:
To advance the art and science of warehousing/distribution.
> Research the current state and future direction of the warehousing/distribution industry and its place in the supply chain.
> Become the major information resource for the industry.
Focus programs and services to address the core competencies of warehouse/distribution leaders.
Serve members by focusing on topics such as technology, operations, management and leadership.
Professional Development:
To provide high quality information and programs that will enhance the knowledge and professionalism of members and others in the warehousing and distribution industry.
> Proactively identify and respond to member needs and opportunities.
> Maintain a market-driven approach to providing quality educational products and services.
> Provide easy access to high quality, practical industry information.
> Provide opportunities for networking to members and prospective members.
> Publish research and management information for personal and professional development.
Association Development:
Maintain the strength of the association by effectively utilizing the association’s internal and external resources (people, intellectual property, tools, funds) to support core objectives.
> Continue to broaden and diversify WERC’s membership.
> Identify, develop and recognize a talent-rich staff.
> Identify, develop and recognize quality volunteer leaders who represent the composition of WERC’s membership.
> Employ an effective, results-oriented governance system that is flexible and responsive to member and industry needs.

Warehousing Education and Research Council is the only professional association focused exclusively on distribution and warehouse management and its role in the supply chain. Members are experts from all facets of the distribution industry who come together to share practical knowledge and professional expertise to improve individual and industry performance.