Thank you for visiting WERC's "Temporary" website! While we're in the process of bringing you the "New & Improved" site, we're stuck with this.

It will only be for a while though, or so the programmers say. Our new site is scheduled to be up and running the afternoon of Thursday, January 14th.

If in the meanwhile you would like to place an order, please select one of the forms below to mail or fax to us. Or, you can contact our office at 630-990-0001 and we'll offer immediate and friendly customer service.

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Seminar Registration Form for Using Metric to Achieve Results

If you're looking to register of one of the several upcoming WERCouncil events, you'll need to contact our office and someone will be glad to register you over the phone.

We apologize for the inconvenience but it is all in the name of progress!

Thank you!