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WERC Certification - Intermountain HealthcareIntermountain Healthcare follows WERC's prescription for best practices; becomes first healthcare DC to WERC Certification

Read about Intermountain Healthcare's experience completing the WERC's Facility Assessment and Certificiation Program. 

"Our motivation for excellence is centered on our organization's mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible... We believe the supply chain plays a key role in our collective ability to support our mission. The WERC Certification program serves as an opportunity for us to benchmark ourselves in our journey toward excellence in warehousing and distribution."

 - Gordon Slade, Director of Supply Chain Logistics for Intermoutain Healthcare

A "Good Enough" Warehouse
Like a virus that spreads, "Good Enough" infects a warehouse, having its managers and employees believing they are performing to a high level, when the reality is, it’s probably just "Good Enough".
The right SKU shipped to the right place at the right time – good enough. Inventory is on the shelf that we can pull when we need it – good enough. Accident free, under budget, exceeding sales, compliant – all good enough. But when was "good enough" really good enough? Aren’t we seeking excellence?
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DC Measures 2015

WERC DC Measures 2015Consider customer, operational, finanical, capacity/quality and employee metrics you as you benchmark your operations against the 2015 measures reported by WERC members and DC Velocity readers. 

The report is free to WERC members.  Click here to download your copy. 

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